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A Measure Of The Sin

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Official trailer to A Measure Of The Sin. Desperate and alone, Meredith must join a household with other women and their children, a sinister man who controls every facet of her existence, and a vicious bear that only she can see.



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Exhausted and anxious to go home, a clown is held captive by a child refusing to set him free until he’s made her laugh.


Posted in Horror Films, horror short with tags on May 27, 2014 by alxstatik


What better way to celebrate your new machine than with a nice, long, blood bath while listening to some soothing classical music.

Crush The Skull

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Randy from the movie “Scream,” gave us 3 important rules to follow in order to survive a horror movie, but he never mentioned this one.

Slip Chain

Posted in Horror Films, horror short with tags on May 19, 2014 by alxstatik


Are you a heavy sleeper or does the slightest sound of a drip from a leaky faucet keep you awake at night?


Pieces Of Talent

Posted in Horror Films with tags on January 8, 2014 by alxstatik


David is a filmmaker and has something beautiful for you to watch.

Not only does he have something for you to watch, but also something very special for you to feel.

He’s worked really hard on this and finally his masterpiece is complete.

The best thing of all is that it stars none other than you!